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Ciao Ragazzi Srl was founded by Claudia Mori in 1999 with the intent of producing informative and current stories for film and television.

Her editorial choices confirm her vision. Ciao Ragazzi has always worked with renown directors and writers, first and foremost Liliana Cavani: “De Gasperi, l’uomo della speranza” (De Gasperi, the Man of Hope), a miniseries for Rai Uno which she co-wrote with Massimo de Rita and Mario Falcone; Einstein, a Ciao Ragazzi-Rai Fiction co-production which became both a feature film and a mini-series in Italian and in English, written by Massimo de Rita, Mario Falcone and Liliana Cavani herself, and which received the London International Science Festival Special Award.

The miniseries “Rino Gaetano…ma Il cielo é sempre più blu” ( Rino Gaetano… but the Sky is Always More Blu) was also a great success. Written by Marco Alessi, Umberto Contarello, Mario Falcone, Filippo Gravin, Marco Turco and directed by Marco Turco, it starred Claudio Santamaria, Laura Chiatti and Kasia Smutniak. This series was aired on Rai Uno prime time to skyrocketing ratings and critics’ acclaim and it brought the younger audience back to the channel.

Aired on Rai Uno in 2010, the miniseries “C’era una volta la città dei matti” (Once Upon a Time There Was a City of Fools) is based on the life of Franco Basaglia, the man who revolutionized psychiatric treatments in Italy, with Fabrizio Gifuni and Vittoria Puccini in the leading roles. Treatment and script by Alessandro Sermoneta, Katia Colia, Marco Turco and Elena Boccaccio.
This miniseries was also a great success both with public and critics and received national and international accolades. It was presented at Bari’s International Film and Television Festival and received the Award for Best Miniseries; at the Monte Carlo Television Festival it was awarded the International Television Productions Prize and the Nymphe D’Or, beating, among others, Spielberg and Tom Hank’s Pacific. At the Shanghai Festival, Asia’s most important International Television Festival, it received the Silver Magnolia Award, and it was presented with the Best TV-movie Award at the 2011 Rome Fiction Fest.

For the first time the subject of violence against women was the investigated in four prime-time TV-movies that were directed by Liliana Cavani, Marco Pontecorvo and Margarethe von Trotta and aired on Rai Uno during the spring of 2011: “Mai per Amore” (Never for love), sparking a series of debates on the rampancy of this problem.

September 2012, “Caruso – la Voce dell’Amore” (Caruso, the Voice of Love), directed by Stefano Reali and with Gianluca Terranova, Vanessa Incontrada and Martina Stella was aired and was as much a success as all previous productions. It received the 2012 Napoli Film Festival Awards for Best TV-movie and Best Leading Actor for Gianluca Terranova.

Also in September 2012, Liliana Cavani’s documentary-short “Clarisse” was presented at the Venice Film Festival and received the Special Pasinetti Award for being a “an auteur film with a reportage-like investigation of life inside a cloistered world”

In 2013 Claudia Mori acquired the rights of Nello Scavo’s book “Bergoglio’s List” for Ciao Ragazzi, which is going to be turned into a feature film directed by Liliana Cavani. Bergoglio’s List is a book-investigation of all the people Pope Francis saved while he was the Jesuit Provincial during the 1976-1983 Argentinian Dictatorship.

December 8 and 9, 2014, “Francis”, the two-episode mini-series directed by Liliana Cavani and starring Mateusz Kosciukiewicz as Francis, Sara Serraiocco as Clare and with Vinicio Marchioni, Benjamin Sadler, Giselda Volodi and Rutger Hauser will be aired on Rai Uno. Liliana Cavani felt she needed to make Francis current again and show how this Saint is still prevalent in modern day society even if his appreciation is sadly lacking.

Ciao Ragazzi’s involvement in ethical and socially important issues continues in Productions planned for 2014-2015, as in “Gioco d’Azzardo” (Gambling) a miniseries on gambling addictions.

In Pre-productions, there are the following projects:

Besides “Bergoglio’s List”, there’s also “Giorgio Gaber” in the works, about the great performer from Milan, and two TV movies: “Portava la minigonna” (She wore a mini skirt) and “Chiamarlo amore non si può” (You Can’t Call This Love).

Ciao Ragazzi’s know-how is what makes this company so appreciated actors, directors and broadcasters. Considered one of Italy’s most respected production companies for topics, high quality and professionalism regardless of available budgets, broadcasting companies can count on the critics’ and audience accolades.

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