Helena & Glory



Helena & Glory

Produced by:
RaiFiction and Ciao Ragazzi

A film by:
Marco Pontecorvo

Barbara Bobulova
Thomas Trabacchi

Claudia Mori
Per Ciao Ragazzi

Directed by:
Marco Pontecorvo

Andrea Purgatori
Angelo Pasquini


The episode “Helena and Glory” is about the friendship between two women who meet in the world of prostitution and through the hardships and risks of their lives get to be very close

The two girls are completely different: Glory is exuberant with music and joy flowing in her veins. Helena is a young guarded Rumanian woman who has been wounded by the man who broke her heart and her trust.

Glory is a free prostitute who came to Italy to make a lot of money fast (she sends money back home to her family). Helena is a prisoner of a racket her ex-boyfriend belongs to.

Glory has a supporting network of women from her country. Helena is completely alone.

But these two women do have something in common: the courage to fight back.
The real protagonist of this episode is actually Helena with her personal internal conflicts: Christian her pimp, is also the father of her son.

Glory is going to help Helena get her freedom and identity back, even if this means going through difficulties and pain. Helena’s quest is to free her own mind and be the master of her life and future.