Teresa’s Escape


La Fuga Di Teresa

Produced by:
RaiFiction and Ciao Ragazzi

A film by:
Margarethe Von Trotta

Alessio Boni
Stefania Rocca

Claudia Mori
for la Ciao Ragazzi

Directed by:
Margarethe Von Trotta

Andrea Purgatori


Teresa is sixteen and has been studying at a foreign university for the past two years. She still can’t come to terms with her mother Laura’s suicide, while her father Stefano, a well-respected doctor, having been aware of his wife’s depression, has come to terms with this tragedy.

Teresa needs to know the truth. She does this by digging deep in her own memories and trying to find out what happened her mother who quit her job as a CEO for a life of quiet isolation. Teresa runs away from home with her friend Miki, a young rebel with a bad reputation who’s in love with her and would do anything for her. The trip for Teresa is a way of tying up loose ends of her memory, while for Miki it’s a romantic adventure. By visiting past places and people, Teresa will discover the terrible truth behind her mother’s death.

This episode deals with domestic violence hidden behind walls, a psychological, fierce type of violence that’s as terrible has physical violence because it chips away the identity of the person who’s being attacked.