Girls on the web



Ragazze In Web

Produced by:
RaiFiction and Ciao Ragazzi

A film by:
Marco Pontecorvo

Carolina Crescentini
Francesca Inaudi

Claudia Mori
for Ciao Ragazzi

Directed by:
Marco Pontecorvo

Andrea Purgatori


Claudia and Silvia are roommates and look like normal twenty-year old students. But they’re hiding a secret.
Claudia comes from a poor family and has figured out a fast and easy way to make money: she sells her naked body on the web.
Silvia comes from a wealthy family and is shocked when she finds out. But her desire to become economically independent pushes her to join her roommate.
The two young women end up being in cahoots.
Claudia imposes on Silvia her only rule: never mix real life with virtual life.
But Silvia soon after wants to get out of this business and breaks off her friendship with Claudia who in the meantime is letting a virtual admirer seduce her. After endless nights talking to their web-cams and getting closer and intimate, Claudia does the terrible mistake of accepting to meet him in person.
This is no game and the experience is going to change the lives of these women in a surprising epilogue.

This episode’ subject is violence and the dangers lurking on the web which too often younger people take for granted.