Too Much Love



Too Much Love

Produced by:
RaiFiction and Ciao Ragazzi

A film by:
Liliana Cavani

Antonia Liskova
Massimo Poggio

Claudia Mori
for Ciao Ragazzi

Directed by:
Liliana Cavani

Angelo Pasquini
Liliana Cavani
Roberto Tiraboschi


Too Much Love is the story of 28-year-old Livia – a plain looking woman – and forty year old Umberto – brilliant and handsome. They fall madly in love and their relationship is like many others but slowly Umberto’s love becomes stifling and obsessive. Slowly but surely, he takes over Livia’s life and soul to the point that she’s annihilated. This episode is about Stalking, one of the most pervasive and inconspicuous types of violence against women and how it can be deadly. Umberto relentlessly takes her identity and her independence away from her. He starts by psychologically breaking her down, so that he can rob her of her identity. Then he operates on a physical level by limiting her movements, isolating her from her friends and family and even taking her away from her own job so that he can have complete control over her. We will also follow Livia’s evolution who is stunned by his overwhelming love, becomes scared of the trap she doesn’t know how she fell into, then comes to a new kind of awareness and frees herself also from society’s idea of what a woman’s role should be.
This love story turns into the narration of a hunter obsessively hunting down his prey, ready to devour it in what he considers an act of love.